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Bulletins are:

  • Distributed by email,
  • Posted on the VHIA Community App, and
  • Saved under ‘MyIR’ on the VHIA website under the ‘Bulletins’ tab.

Bulletins will state whether they are:

  • For action,
  • For action and response,
  • For information.

For action means the Bulletin asks a member to complete a specific task.

Examples include:

  • Prepare a voting list, distribute materials to employees or other steps necessary to make an enterprise agreement,
  • Implement a term of an enterprise agreement,
  • Undertaking a process required by an enterprise agreement such as a classification translation,
  • Respond to a survey.

For response means that a response to VHIA is required. A for response Bulletin will specify how that response needs to be given. This may be by email to a specific email address or though a platform such as Wufoo or Survey Monkey.

For information is where a Bulletin does not require any action to be taken by the member and does not require a response. Examples include:

  • Information regarding VHIA or an event, and
  • Advice on progress regarding enterprise agreement negotiations at a key point.

Who are Bulletins sent to?

Bulletins are sent to CEOs and other people the member requests. Sometimes recipients will vary depending on the subject. For example, a Bulletin about the Nurses and Midwives will be sent to Directors of Nursing.

If your organisation has any queries regarding the Bulletin recipient list, please contact the VHIA Administration team on (03) 9861 4000.

Salary circulars

Salary circulars advise members of relevant rates of pay and allowances. All salary circulars are:

  • Sent to nominated payroll staff,
  • Posted on the VHIA Community App, and
  • Available on the VHIA website in ‘MyIR’ under the ‘salary circular’ tab.