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VHIA produces podcasts each week that are available to watch as video or listen to as audio. Most podcasts are 15 to 20 minutes long and include an industrial roundup and weekly update.

The Industrial Roundup is a brief summary of the industrial activities or issues for a particular week.

The Weekly Update is a discussion about a particular Industrial Relations Subject that includes practical ‘How To’ tips for human resources practitioners or a Member Spotlight. We also provide Enterprise Agreement Forums as a podcast.

Industrial Relations
Subjects include discussions about how to apply a particular agreement or term of an agreement or piece of legislation. These will be of most interest to those responsible for the particular agreement or term being discussed.

‘How To’ podcasts have information about how to undertake a task or comply with a process. These are generally directed to human resource / people and culture members.

Member Spotlight podcasts highlight work being done by a VHIA member. This is a useful way to share information about the great work being done by VHIA members across Victoria.

Enterprise Agreement Forum podcasts are a filmed version of a particular Enterprise Agreement Forum. Whenever a negotiation for a new enterprise agreement is concluded, we hold an Enterprise Agreement Forum that highlights any changes.

Where can I find the podcasts?

Podcasts are distributed by email, posted on VHIA's Yammer Network, and saved on the VHIA website under ‘MyIR' which you can access on this page by logging in. 

Storing podcasts on ‘MyIR’ ensures they remain easily accessible to members.

Got a suggestion for a podcast?  We’d love to hear it!  Contact vhia@vhia.com.au.

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