Header - VHIA Yammer Network

VHIA's Yammer Network is a social enterprise platform that enables us to give real-time updates to members about our activities. Members can interact both with us and other members.


We use VHIA's Yammer Network to:

  • Summarise each industry activity,
  • Answer queries posted by members to the App,
  • Share information that may be of interest to members.

An industry activity includes:

  • Bargaining meetings,
  • SDPPWG meetings,
  • Reference Group meetings.

During bargaining, every bargaining meeting is summarised in the groups on VHIA's Yammer Network. This enables members to get detailed information in ‘real time’ and contribute by making a comment. Our ‘For Information’ Bulletins advise members of any bargaining milestones.


Step 1 - Request an invitation to join VHIA's Yammer Network - yammer@vhia.com.au 

Step 2 - Open Your Email Invitation & Join the VHIA Yammer Network.

Joining VHIA's Yammer Network

Step 3Join Groups.

Join Groups on VHIA's Yammer Network

Step 4Set Your Notification Settings.

 How to Set Your Notifications on VHIA's Yammer(1)

Step 5Download the Desktop App.

Download Yammer Desktop App