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The VHIA Website provides general information about our organisation and services. It also includes the ‘MyIR’ resource.

What’s ‘MyIR’?

MyIR is your member library that requires your password to log in. It has:

  • Enterprise Agreements,
  • Enterprise Agreement Implementation Guides,
  • User Guides,
  • Bulletins and Salary Circulars,
  • Podcasts.

Enterprise Agreement Implementation Guides outline the changes required to give effect to a new enterprise agreement. They can be found on the same page as the relevant enterprise agreement.

User Guides are additional materials about a term of an enterprise agreement. To assist implementation they are developed in consultation with the relevant union. You can find User Guides on the same page as the relevant enterprise agreement.

More tabs are being developed that include:

  • Enterprise Bargaining Policies,
  • Relevant Decisions,
  • The Alec Djoneff Prize.

Relevant decisions include those about one of our agreements or one that contains principles relevant to our agreements.

More information about the Alec Djoneff Prize will be revealed soon.

Forgotten your website log in? No problem! Contact the admin team at vhia@vhia.com.au or call us on (03) 9861 4000.

How can I tell which agreements apply to my organisation?

MyIR gives members access to all member agreements, bulletins and salary circulars. The dashboard in the centre has been configured to give you access to the materials specifically relevant to your organisation.