As part of their membership, all VHIA members receive our general industrial services. Should a member need individual support, we offer consulting services on a fee for service basis. 

Fee for service work is work for an individual member that is not for the benefit of the industry more broadly.

Examples of fee for service work include:

  • Representation at the Fair Work Commission or other tribunals (excluding industry matters)
  • Representation in disputes / claims (excluding industry matters)
  • Representation in the negotiation of Enterprise agreements (excluding industry matters)
  • Drafting letters
  • Payroll / HR compliance reviews
  • Member-requested training
  • Classification / translation where the Workplace Relations Consultant is applying the classifications to individual employees.

Why does VHIA charge a fee for consulting?

Membership fees are applied to work that benefits the VHIA membership. When an individual member requires consulting work, we charge a fee to ensure member resources are used only for the benefit of all members, rather than an individual member.

What is an industry matter?

An industry matter is one that affects members more broadly. Our membership fee covers these. Industry enterprise agreements are an example of an industry matter. If a member wanted VHIA to negotiate their own individual agreement, this would occur on a fee for service basis.

When is a dispute a fee for service matter?

Where a dispute turns on circumstances relevant to the individual member, it is not an industry matter. Representation is available on a fee for service basis. Where a dispute concerns a challenge to the accepted meaning of an enterprise agreement, it may be an industry matter and a fee will not apply. In these cases, the dispute might arise with an individual member but could easily have arisen with any member.

What’s the difference between a query and a fee for service matter?

Where an individual query needs more than 30 minutes work, it may be more appropriately characterised as individual consulting work.

How is fee for service work approved?

Before you incur any cost for consulting work, we will provide you with a written cost statement. This advises you who will undertake the work and the anticipated costs / disbursements. Before we proceed, it’s important you review the cost statement, sign and return it to us. If the scope of work changes and the estimate in the cost statement is likely to be exceeded, we’ll discuss this with you and may issue a further cost statement.