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We currently receive around 500 member queries per month. The majority of these are about how to apply a term of an enterprise agreement, including disputes.

How do I submit a query?

The best way to submit a query is to email the VHIA Query Team at query@vhia.com.au.

This ensures that a member of the VHIA Query Team can start working on your query.

Alternatively, you can:

  • Call the Query Team on 1800 729 329 or (03) 9861 4000,
  • Email an individual VHIA staff member,
  • Post a query on the VHIA Community App,

What happens to my query?

Your query will be assigned to a member of the VHIA Query Team. If it cannot be answered immediately, you’ll get an email confirming which member of the VHIA Query Team is responsible for ensuring your question is answered. They will contact you either to answer your query or advise of the likely timeframe for response.

If your query is complex, it will be escalated internally to a VHIA Consultant. Where this occurs, you will be advised by email. Your point of contact throughout this process will still be the Query Team member.

What is an escalated query?

An escalated query is more complex and is escalated to a more senior member of the IR Team at VHIA. Generally, escalated queries will be resolved within 48 hours. Any unresolved escalated query will be forwarded to the Workplace Relations Manager or CEO.

Will I billed for a query?

No. Members are entitled to submit as many queries as they like as part of their membership,. An individual query will generally require up to 30 minutes work. If a query is likely to exceed 30 minutes, we’ll consider whether the work is better characterised as consulting work. If this is the case, you’ll be advised that the work can be done on a fee for service basis.

You won’t get a bill from us without being advised in writing that the work is ‘fee for service’ consulting work. Find out more about how fee for service work is done under ‘fee for service’ or by clicking here.